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ASUMH and the Higher Learning Commission

Arkansas State University - Mountain Home is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools (NCACS).  Accreditation provides assurance to the public, and in particular to prospective students, that an organization meets stated requirements and criteria and that there are reasonable grounds to believe it will continue to meet them.  Information and supporting documentation to that end should be found here.

HLC Self Study
Overview and Timeline (.docx, 134K)
Timeline Breakdown for 2015-2016 (.docx, 94K)
Criterion 1 - Mission
Criterion 1a - Initial Findings (.docx, 16K)
Criterion 1c - supporting doc diversity potluck (.docx, 14K)
Criterion 1b - Initial Findings.docx (.docx, 24K)
Criterion 1c - Initial Report (.docx, 11K)
Criterion 1c - Initial Findings (.docx, 14K)
Criterion 1d - Initial Findings (.docx, 17K)
Criterion 1c - supporting doc diversity committee (.docx, 12K)
Criterion 1c - supporting doc logo (.docx, 15K)
Criterion 1c - supporting doc diversity event monks (.docx, 109K)
Criterion 2 - Integrity
Initial Findings - Core Component 2A (.docx, 14K)
Initial Findings - Core Component 2B (.docx, 11K)
Initial Findings - Core Component 2C (.docx, 13K)
Initial Findings - Core Component 2D (.docx, 14K)
Initial Findings - Core Component 2E (.docx, 12K)
Criterion 3 - Teaching and Learning: Quality, Resources, and Support
Initial Findings - Core Component 3E (.docx, 10K)
Initial Findings - Core Component 3A (.pdf, 236K)
Initial Findings - Core Component 3B (.pdf, 280K)
Initial Findings - Core Component 3C (.pdf, 192K)
Initial Findings - Core Component 3D (.pdf, 238K)
Criterion 4 - Teaching and Learning: Assessment
Criterion 4A Initial Report (.docx, 278K)
Criterion 4A Initial Findings (.docx, 280K)
Criterion 4B Initial Report (.docx, 278K)
Criterion 4B Initial Findings (.docx, 281K)
Criterion 4C Initial Report (.docx, 277K)
Criterion 4C Initial Findings (.docx, 281K)
TLEI-InitialFindingsandInitialReport.docx (.docx, 290K)
Criterion 5 - Strategic Planning
Criterion 5A - Initial Report.docx (.docx, 14K)
Criterion 5A Initial Findings (May 2017) (.docx, 29K)
Criterion 5A Initial Findings (April 2017).docx (.docx, 28K)
Criterion 5A Initial Findings (February 2017) (.docx, 32K)
Criterion 5A Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 33K)
Criterion 5A.1-2 - Initial Findings (Preliminary).docx (.docx, 21K)
Criterion 5B - Initial Report.docx (.docx, 13K)
Criterion 5B - Initial Findings (March 2017).docx (.docx, 23K)
Criterion 5B - Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 22K)
Criterion 5C - Initial Report.docx (.docx, 12K)
Criterion 5.C.1 Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 12K)
Criterion 5.C.2 Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 11K)
Criterion 5.C.3 Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 13K)
Criterion 5.C.4 Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 13K)
Criterion 5.C.5 Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 13K)
Criterion 5C Supporting Documents (May 2016).docx (.docx, 11K)
Criterion 5.D Initial Findings (March 2017).docx (.docx, 20K)
Criterion 5.D - Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 11K)
Criterion 5D.1 (February 2017) (.docx, 17K)
Criterion 5.D.1 - Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 20K)
Criterion 5.D.2 - Initial Findings (May 2016).docx (.docx, 17K)
Supporting Document 5.D.1 - ASUMH Marketing Survey.pdf (.pdf, 103K)
Supporting Document 5.D.1 -ASUMH Financial Aid Letter 2016.pdf (.pdf, 21K)
Supporting Document 5.D.1 -ASUMH Program Review Schedule.xlsx (.xlsx, 11K)
Supporting Document 5.D.1 -ASUMH Recruiting Survey.pdf (.pdf, 55K)
Supporting Document 5.D.1 -HLC Accreditation Confirmation Letter 2012.pdf (.pdf, 412K)
Supporting Document 5.D.1 -HLC Accreditation Letter and Statement of Affiliation Status 2008.PDF (.PDF, 85K)
Supporting Document 5.D.1 -Student Feedback of Instruction and Academics - Fall 2019.pdf (.pdf, 521K)
Strategic Planning
Annual Assessment, Planning, & Budgeting Schedule (.png, 305K)
Strategic Plan Master 2013-2017 (.docx, 215K)
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