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This portal will no longer be used for students beginning Fall 2022. All students should go to for access to Banner (Note: This is where you will access registration, schedule, financial aid, billing information, etc.), gmail links, O365 links, password reset links, Duo instructions, and more. 
This portal is only used for faculty and staff beginning Fall 2022. 
To access blackboard directly please go to
How do I reset my password?
A password reset server is available for you to change your password 24/7. Please use the following link to reset your password:   If you are logged onto a campus computer you can use CTRL-ALT-DELETE and then Change a Password to set a new password. If you still have trouble with the login please call the Help Desk at (870) 701-0523.
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Logging into MyCampus Portal

  • All items have moved into Banner now for student access.  Please use the page for details on all login, software, etc. 


Knowledge base for all faculty/staff/students can be found at the link below:


  • Where can I find a basic intro to ASUMH Blackboard?
  • My classes aren't showing up. What do I do?
    Generally, classes will not be available in Blackboard until a few days before classes start. If your class has already begun, please contact the instructor of the class or the Admission's Office.
  • What do I do if I am in the middle of a test and it freezes? or What if I lose power or Internet access while taking a test?
    Contact your Instructor.
  • How do I submit my assignment? Hint: Most assignments can only be submitted once.
  • How do I know when my assignment has been submitted?
  • How do I attach a file?
  • Where are my grades?
  • How do I create a new discussion board thread? Click here
  • How do I reply to someone else's post?






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